​Greetings Snowbirds!                                                                                                                    November, 2018

Please allow me to officially welcome you to the Walton County Snowbird Club by way of our website.

My name is Karen Moosekian and I will be your President this season.  I come from Michigan where there is a fierce rivalry between the University of Michigan fans and the Michigan State University fans.  You are either one or the other; or - you are Swiss!  I’m guessing that other states have similar rivalries but somehow I just don’t think they could be as intense as ours in Michigan. 

Of all the registered Walton County Snowbirds last season, the majority hailed from Michigan!  So, many of you reading this letter will be able to relate.  I only mention this because there are other ‘snowbird clubs’ in this area for you to join.  While we don’t have any fierce rivalries amongst them, (except for a golf outing) we encourage you to take a special look at us!  Just like U of M and State, there are similarities and differences with preferences for one or the other.

We think that we have a pretty good program; offering a variety of Activities.  I invite you to click on our Activities button and take a look at the opportunities available for you to participate in.  We are in our 29th year of existence, so many of our Activities are tried and true.  We think IF it’s fun; we probably are already doing it!  But anyone eager to introduce a new Activity is welcome to do so as long as you are willing to be the Leader.  Our club is run by volunteers from our membership.  Our Executive Board and all the Activity Leaders come to this beautiful area to relax and enjoy just like you, but they have taken the extra step to give of their time while sharing a skill to assure the enjoyment of others.  You know when people say, “Give and you will receive”?  Well, I can attest that it is true!  I have been the recipient of fabulous and lasting friendships, entertaining and interesting outings, with plenty of fun and laughs along the way.  (It’s easier to make friends if you get involved…just saying!)


One of the things that makes me very proud of the Walton County Snowbirds is their dedication to giving back to the local Community.  Many of our members mentor in schools, take active roles in their places of worship, volunteer at hospitals and charitable organizations; including Sharing and Caring and Children In Crisis which we emphatically support.  In addition, we sponsor two $1000 scholarships for the South Walton High School and support their Senior Citizen Prom!  At the end of our season, we donate between $12,000 and $15,000 to local charities. So, as you can see, we earnestly get involved in what many of us consider our “home away from home”.

Amazingly, that still allows us plenty of time, to golf, bike, exercise, shop, frequent beauty salons and spas, wine and dine, attend movie theaters and cultural events; all in this magnificent area!

As we begin the 2018/2019 Walton County Snowbird season with excitement and expectations for a spectacular stay; I hope that you take my advice and try getting involved!  I’m looking forward to greeting you at our Registrations and seeing you at our General Meetings!

Wishing you safe travels as you find your way to a wonderful winter!


Karen Moosekian


Walton County Snowbirds, Inc.​